About Me

Thank you for visiting my site and considering purchasing a unique handcrafted bag or other handmade craft.

I am passionate about creating these pieces and find such joy in the process of creating something beautiful and unique. My sewing and crafting obsession sparked when I watched my mom sew and craft. When I was little, I would watch her work and ask questions. I loved the feel of a soft fabric between my fingers, the vibrant colors of the thread, and seeing the final projects come to life. I also remember watching my grandmother make beautiful things with her machine, so I think that’s where it all started. Not only that, but I became an avid sewer in my own right, despite never being formally trained.
I’ve sewn everything from baby clothes to cushions. But my latest obsession is making handbags. After discovering online tutorials and YouTube videos, I am finally on my way to becoming a successful bag maker.
I have been making and selling handcrafted handbags and accessories for a few years now. It is both a creative and therapeutic process for me. With each bag, I enjoy the challenge of creating something new and different. The search for new patterns, materials, and techniques is never ending for me. 
I also take pride in knowing that each creation I make is something that can be cherished and enjoyed for years to come. It is an honor for me to be able to share my craft with the world. I hope you enjoy exploring my website and find a piece to take home with you!